The General Management has established the Quality Policy commensurate with the purposes of the Organization according to the principles defined below.

The priority is to be competitive, that is to aim to differentiate the characteristics of its products and services through constant research aimed at improving the processes, products and services of the Organization from the point of view of quality, environmental impact and safety. , aiming at the definition and satisfaction of the needs and requirements of the Clients, at the maximum satisfaction of the implicit and explicit needs of both the Clients, the interested parties, the environment and the personnel involved and at obtaining the desired results.

Compliance with the above must take place through the achievement, optimization and continuous improvement of processes, products and services along all operational phases and in general of all the activities of the Organization.

The objective that the General Management has set itself is to finalize the efforts of all the Managers of the interested parties and of all the staff to a careful management of issues related to quality, the environment and safety in the workplace.

It is therefore considered necessary to have a strong responsibility on the part of everyone to guarantee the rigor of one's work, paying the utmost attention to the respect and continuous improvement of the three factors indicated.

In particular, this should be pursued with:

  • compliance with the laws, regulations and regulations in force
  • operational efficiency with regard to obtaining the desired results, quality, environment and safety of processes and products and / or services derived from them
  • the priority search for the safety and reliability of processes, products and services
  • the prevention of non-conformities rather than post-clearance elimination or pure registration
  • the vision aimed at drastically reducing environmental pollution and energy consumption.

For all this, the General Management undertakes to take an active role in the determination, promotion and guidance of all activities through the dissemination at all levels of the concepts set out in this Organization Policy and in particular in the timely verification of the desired results obtained and in defining new measurable improvement objectives.

The starting point for the implementation of this Organization Policy was identified by the General Management in pursuit of the following objectives by conferring on Quality Assurance, its direct dependence and from which it directly receives the results, with full autonomy, authority and necessary responsibilities, in collaboration with all the Bodies of the Organization, for the task of:

  • establish, formalize, maintain active and constantly improving, a Quality Management System, which also guarantees environmental and safety management according to the reference standards of the System itself
  • ensure compliance with the qualitative, quantitative, temporal, environmental impact and safety at work requirements, as well as the value for money, in accordance with the desired requirements of the Customers and / or specified by the rules and regulations
  • constantly monitor the degree of compliance of the System with the reference standards and laws
  • promote and implement training / training programs for personnel at all levels in order to optimize the growth process of human resources, considered as critical and indispensable resources for achieving the desired objectives and for the development of the Organization in the years to come
  • constantly report to the General Management on the results obtained and on the fulfillment of the established objectives

For this purpose, the General Management undertakes to provide all the resources (both personnel and equipment and environment) necessary for the implementation and constant improvement of the Quality Management System.
The General Management, aware of the importance of a total involvement of the Personnel at all levels, complies with the commitment to disseminate the Organization's Policy, by entering the intranet and Internet, meetings, paper or computer distribution, to the Managers, to the Parties Interested, of this Quality Manual, Regulations and Procedures with the task of bringing it to the attention of their subordinates, dissemination of Quality, environmental and safety plans, statistical analysis, communications, improvement programs of the Management System for Quality, processes, operational activities and other appropriate activities.

Every effort aimed at improving the Quality Management System is a commitment fully shared and supported by the General Management.

This paragraph of the Organization Policy is brought to the attention of all Personnel by entering it on the intranet and Internet and / or affixing it to the notice board of the Organization.

The quality policy and objectives are reviewed and generally established during the Management Reviews, if necessary they can be reviewed in different periods.

The Quality Policy is maintained as Documented Information, is communicated and applied within the Organization and available to interested parties.

The operational Quality Policy is defined in the Management Review.

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