Our Products
UL/CSA Transformers file number E241443
UL/CSA homologated insulation system transformers file number E255070
DIN Rail Transformers IP20
Transformers enclosed in protection boxes
Autotransformers and reactors for starting motorss
Special Transformers
Autotransformer 800kVA with switch disconnector 1600A
Three phase transformer 1500kVA with forced ventilation. Total weight 2300kg
Three phase transformer 125kVA inside IP23 stainless steel AISI 316 metal box
Three phase reactor 3800A for 6-PULSE rectifier. Total weight 2000kg
Three phase transformer 700kVA zig-zag connection with switch disconnector 1000A
Three phase transformer 50kVA 3000V ±2,5% / 400V connection Dyn11
Three phase transformer 450kVA with UL/CSA certified protections
Single phase transformer 500kVA. Weight 950kg
Single phase transformer for electromedical use
Din-rail class II transformers with protection class IP20
Single phase certified transformer
Three phase certified transforme with primary 600V
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